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Dominic Lagace Diary

Home sweet home

After more than 6 months I took a flight back to my home town in Quebec, I was so happy to be there and spend some time with my family and friends, its been a while, an everyone had updates and news to tell.

Quebec It is the only Canadian province that has a predominantly French speaking population and French as the sole official language at the provincial level.

My home town Trois- Rivieres. Its a  little cosmopolitan town, located in the middle between Quebec City and Montreal, at the confluence of the  Saint-Maurice and Saint Lawrence Rivers. With so many rivers all around (Trois-Rivieres) means Tree Rivers in French, the watersports are a normal activities.

Quebec its very typical in the food, drinks, language, traditions, etc… very different to the rest of Canada.

And lucky me I arrive just in time for the biggest celebration in Quebec call Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day s a holiday celebrated annually on June 24, the feast day of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. In Quebec, it is a public holiday with festivities occurring on June 23 and 24, everyone is super excited when this celebrations comes…

Various events are organized on Saint Jean Baptiste Day. Such as rock and jazz concerts, sports tournaments, parades and firework displays, to small family or neighborhood happenings, such as yard sales, picnics, barbecues, bonfires and children’s entertainment. Many church bells ring in celebration and public dances and fun fairs are held. Some events may be held on the evening of June 23 and many are broadcast live on television, radio or on the Internet.

Me and my friends go camping an do a dinner with drinks around a bond fire. It was nice to see them all happy and living their lifes as the way they want.

We went to camp in the land of my best friend and partner at Hi-5 Wakeschool Philipe Lemay, he has a piece of land where he is building his house beside the river and 30 min from my own town, just in the middle of the forest, and beside the river where our beautiful Rasta RZR Tige Boat is now.

Summer time is the part of the year when everyone is outside in Quebec, with so cold temperatures a lot of months, everyone want to be under the sunshine blue sky of summer, making it very entertaining, a lot of peoples do a lot of activities outside all year, but everyone loves be with less clothes and can practice water sports.

We do some camping nights me and my friends, this is a traditions that we have for many many years now, we just buy some things to cook, bring the BBQ, beers, wine, the boat and we spend some days just riding, listening loud music in the boat, cooking amazing food, drinking beers and enjoying life. Now a lot of my friends have kids, and is so cute to see how much they like to be in the boat and try for their first times wake surfing.

We start to do wakesurfing more than 10  years ago with no clue about how to set up the boat, and what to do behind it, is a sport that we love so much an is a big part of our life, this part of the river where our camp is set up, is less crowded, so we can find flat water all the time, and not so many boats around, the landscape is to die for,  all around is notting else but forest, the water looks brown cause this rivers use to be use to transport the woods to the fabrics, so many woods skin are underwater and the colors is brown, but is  for sure one fot he cleanest water you could ever find in the whole world.

I expend some time also with my good friend Joe Boutet and when to pick some stuff to the S3BRSDP in Trois-Rivieres, this was the first of their stores and now they got around 7 stores all over Canada, so happy to be in their Team.  They have been always supporting me, thru all those years, also their sponsor my wake school, and every summer all the staff comes to ride and practice wake surfing.

We also do a videoshoot the other day, with some guys call Dominic from Cubik Media, i can’t wait to see the results, the conditions was perfect and they are super professionals. We shoot during an amazing sunset, we got really lucky with the tempeture its was really nice, We film from many different angles, with a little helicopter by remote control, a lot of tricks and   we also film the video for MyWake Challenge by TIge Boats the 3 trick combo it was really fun, I like this kind of contest via internet. The final result for this video is going to be for Tige MyWake  Best video edit!

When Im home Im always in the rush, I have so many things to do, people to see and things I want to do, but I always find time for the important stuff. It feels so good speak in my own language, and not just in my own language is in our french, with our jokes, expressions, and everything. hehe I really like it.

Eat the typical food, and this thing a about just been home, in some way seems like the time nothing change, everything our many things still just as I remember, but I like it this way.

We did a wakesurf day with all my sponsors, the Rep and some employes of s3 brdshop who work in the water sport departement. Of TIge Boats in Quebec my good friend Andre Cote, all the crew from S3 boardshop (joe, frank), the Rep. Of Liquid Force (simon) and the Rep. Of RIp Curl (Ben), where we could test all the new boards from Liquid Force, all the new gear of RIp Curl, and we use 2 TIge Boats the RZR with the Convex VX and the R20. Super fun day with everybody and

I also can have quality training time, which is super important to me. With all my travels and changing locations all the time its hard to find training time, so I always appreciates when i got a boat for myself and i can ride when i want to.

Im loving home. Hi-5

Doum Lagace