The Shop Shootout is back for a second year!


Surf Expo Attendees – The Shop Shootout is back for a second year! Liquid Force, Byerly Boards, CWB Boards, O’Brien and Hyperlite invite all Surf Expo guests to join us for a night of fun at the Orlando Watersports Complex. On the eve of Surf Expo we will come together to celebrate the season and our sports, offering an awesome night of free food, plenty of free drinks, fun, music and entertainment. The stars of the night will be Shop Employees from your store and our professional wakeboard team riders, competing on the cable in a uniquely fun event that allows riders of all abilities to compete on a level playing field! Whether you’re a high level rider with a full bag of tricks, or simply the most passionate rider in your shop, you’re invited to compete! If watching the world’s best wakeboarders tear up the cable you can kick back and enjoy front row seats to all the action at the 2015 Shop Shootout.

Riders in the Shootout will be able to use their own boards, if they choose, but will also have access to the 2016 line of boards and bindings from each brand if they’d prefer to ride the latest and greatest.

Top riders like Tom Fooshee, Bob Soven, Jimy LaRiche, JD Webb, Daniel Grant, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Brenton Priestley, and Jeff Langley will be on-site offering tips and pointers all night. Each brand will appoint team captains that will coach the participants and try to lead them to glory! Boards will be thrown into a pile at the beginning of the night for these team captains to select their squad and once chosen, the fun will begin!

Shop employees looking to compete in the inaugural Shop Shootout need to submit their application early as space is limited! Submit all entries no later than 8/30/15 at, include your name, shop name, phone #, and email address.

For more information about the contest format and updates about the evening, visit any of the participating brands or inquire with your local sales reps. We look forward to seeing you at OWC, September 9th, 2015! The Party and event starts at 5:00 PM!

If you are attending the show, then come on out and join us even if you don’t plan to compete! If you haven’t made plans to attend the show yet, get on it… you won’t want to miss out on the best show and event of the year!



2015 WWA National Championships

The Nautique WWA National Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy Awards 44 Titles at The Nations Largest Wakeboard Event
Lake Alfred, Fla. (August 16, 2015) – The nation’s largest wakeboarding event, the Nautique WWA Nationals presented by Rockstar Energy concluded today with 44 National Champions being crowned during the five day event held at Miami Watersports Complex. Harley Clifford took home the Pro Men’s title putting together the best run of the day earning a score of 95.67 to claim the title. With this win, Clifford clenched the 2015 Nautique Wake Series Championship behind the industry leading Super Air Nautique G23, after also earning titles in Australia and Waco, Texas.

“I’m super stoked to win the Nautique WWA National Championships,” said Clifford. “This is the largest wakeboard event in North America and to know I came in and put in my best effort to claim the title is awesome.”

The Pro Women’s division saw Nautique rider Meagan Ethell battle Dallas Friday for the title while in the Jr. Pro Men it was Nic Rapa claiming the championship.  In Pro Wakeskate, Reed Hansen nailed his run to take the victory.

“Words can’t describe the feelings I have right now,” said Rapa. “It’s literally off the charts! I’m pumped to be crowned U.S National champion in Junior Pro and not only that, but finish 1st overall in the Nautique Wake Series! I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support.”

Over to the Wake Park World Series, the traditional cable Pro Men’s Finals pitted riders in head-to-head competition with Tom Fooshee coming out on top after he posted stellar runs.  In the Pro Women final it was Meagan Ethell again, claiming the win.
The Nautique WWA National Championships featured five days of intense competition at the Miami Watersports Complex with riders providing some of the most challenging and innovative runs in the history of the sport.

Nautique WWA National Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy
Miami Watersports Complex – Miami, Florida
Saturday, August 16, 2015




Men’s Professional Semi-Finals – Heat 1

  1. Pelot, Jake                                100.00             
  2. Hansen, Hunter                          72.00

Men’s Professional Semi-Finals – Heat 2

  1. Branch, Dylan                          95.50
  2. Huster, Marc                              76.50

Men’s Professional Semi-Finals – Heat 3

  1. Powell, Chandler                    95.50
  2. Saeed, Omeir                           94.50

Men’s Professional Semi-Finals – Heat 4

  1. Fooshee, Tom                        100.00
  2. Brurnstein, Danny                    90.00



Women’s Professional- Semi-Finals – Heat 1

  1. Ethell, Meagan                         100.00
  2. Lopina, Jamie                           90.00



Head to Head – Heat 1

  1. Pelot, Jake                                100.00
  2. Hanson, Hunter                         72.00

Head to Head – Heat 2

  1. Branch, Bylan                           95.50
  2. Shuster, Marc                             76.50

Head to Head – Heat 3

  1. Powell, Chandler                    95.50
  2. Saeed, Omeir                           94.50

Head to Head – Heat 4

  1. Fooshee, Tom                         100.00
  2. Burnstein, Danny                      90.00

Head-to-Head Semi Final Heats

Head-to-Head – Semi-Final – Heat 1

  1. Powell, Chandler                    98.00
  2. Pelot, Jake                               92.00

Head to Head – Semi-Final Heat 2

  1. Fooshee, Tom                           100.00
  2. Branch, Dylan                             90.00

Head to Head Consolation Final

  1. Pelot, Jake                                 95.50
  2. Branch, Dylan                             94.50

Head to Head Final

  1. Fooshee, Tom                         96.50
  2. Powell, Chandler                      93.50


Pro Women’s Final

  1. Ethell, Meagan            USA      98.00
  2. Lopina, Jamie               USA      92.00



Professional WakeSkate – Finals

  1. Hansen, Reed             AUS      77.33
  2. Polterock, Austin                     71.67
  3. Hampson, Danny        USA      56.67
  4. Grubb, Brian                 USA      51.00


Jr. Pro Men’s – Finals

  1. Rapa, Nic                       AUS      85.00
  2. France, Cobe                 USA      72.67
  3. Soven, Jason                 USA      68.33
  4. Schramm, Mac                USA      60.00
  5. Watt, Lewy                      AUS      50.67
  6. Hancock, Bryson             USA      38.33

Women’s Professional – Finals

  1. Ethell, Meagan           USA      89.33
  2. Friday, Dallas             USA      87.33
  3. Butler, Nicola             USA      78.00
  4. Merritt, Raimi               USA      70.67
  5. Mikacich, Tarah           USA      63.33
  6. Leugner, Ashley           CDN     48.33

Men’s Professional – Finals

  1. Clifford, Harley         AUS      95.67
  2. Smith, Dean              AUS      92.00
  3. Flegel, Noah             USA      85.67
  4. Soven, Phillip             USA      77.67
  5. Hair, Austin                USA      71.33
  6. Soven, Bob                USA      65.33

Bec Ganger Goes Under The Knife

Did you ever wonder how you would cope with a major injury physically, mentally and financially? Have you worried about how you would manage?

It has always been in the back of my mind. Every time I heard of a wakeboarder sustaining a major injury, I felt for them and I wondered how I would perform in the same situation. Then there is this sensation when the fear becomes reality and, in my case, the reality set in when I landed wrong off a kicker two years ago and twisted my knee. Although the knee swelled up, I was still walking and after a week or so I was riding again.

Dean Smith provides free ambulance ridesBut I was worried. I was worried it was something more serious and the fear of being out of action made me bury my thoughts. I tried not to act on it thinking if I kept strong and fit it would go away. Nevertheless, I decided to have an MRI at the end of the season and guess what? It revealed a partial tear of my ACL. They stated it was from a previous injury. I thought, “If I’ve been riding for six months and it hasn’t bothered me, it can’t be too bad.”

I continued riding for two years without any worries until a crash at the Masters in May kick-started a string of events that would ultimately take me out for the rest of the year. After the incident in Pine Mountain, Georgia, I decided to rest and strengthen the knee. However, an MRI revealed a tear in my meniscus and a large chondral [articular cartilage injury].

Post meniscus surgeryDeep down I knew I wasn’t OK this time. Trying to push myself to ride and wanting to attend the Pro Am in California caused a lot of stress and anxiety. It also wasn’t a good sign to be in pain when I was just trying to jump the wake. During a visit to the orthopedic we made the decision to have surgery on the meniscus and that getting it done quickly would mean being back on the water in about three to four weeks, just in time for the rest of the season. This is when the diagnosis changed for the worse. The surgeon discovered my “partial” ACL tear was, in fact, a near complete tear and it was overstretched. In other words, useless. That would mean an additional surgery to repair my ACL after getting my meniscus surgery.

One week after surgery...still swollenEmotions ran high and all kinds of thoughts started to flood my mind. Should I have had surgery two years ago? I don’t really regret riding with a partially torn ACL all this time. Otherwise, I may not have won Female Trick of the Year for being the first female rider to land a whirly 540, or become the 2014 WWA World Champion. I am proud to have achieved those accomplishments.

But now, unfortunately, the time has come and the realization has hit hard to call off my 2015 competition and head home for more surgery. This will hopefully allow me to be back in Florida for part of the 2016 season.

After being on the sideline and getting all the news while being a couch potato, I’ve noticed a lot of other people lately are also going through a tough time with injuries. Although almost every pro rider probably hasRehab had an injury or surgery at some point, this article isn’t necessarily for them. I want to share my story and progress with those that haven’t been seriously injured or those that are going through the pain of injury or recovery now.

If you need surgery, make sure you take the time to research an orthopedic surgeon, the type of procedure that you require and the cost of surgery. Make sure your insurance coverage is adequate and you have someone reliable to care for you. You want to be comfortable with your decision and a good way to do this is to compare your situation with other patients’ experiences with the same procedure or surgeon.

If you find yourself couch bound or preparing yourself for surgery, your first thought most likely will be, “This sucks!” It does suck. You’re not wrong. I’m still in denial, hoping someone will tell me it’s all a bad dream. However, it’s what you tell yourself and what you do with yourself that will make the difference. It is what it is. Don’t Surround yourself with friendslet this be a burden on you. Perhaps start up a new hobby, like playing guitar, or widen your horizon by reading books. Maybe consider meditation or even an online course. Occupy yourself to distract your potentially negative thoughts and keep looking for that next step to move forward. Keep focused on your goal and reward yourself with a treat at the end of each step.

As I recover from meniscus surgery and prepare myself to head back to Australia for an ACL reconstruction, I will continue to share my experiences and let you know that you are not alone or what to prepare for if you find yourself in the same situation. So keep an eye out on for updates!

Tide and Time Teaser – The Danny Hampson story

It’s been almost 15 years since an unknown 14-year-old from the Florida Keys burst onto the scene and redefined the wakeskating world’s perception of what the sport would become. Since then, Danny Hampson has remained an innovator and an original – pioneering new moves, putting out revolutionary video parts, winning the sport’s most coveted trophies and, arguably, having the most fun of any guy in the boat. But it hasn’t always come easy. Tide and Time: The Danny Hampson Story chronicles Hampson’s life from a 10-year-old aspiring wakeboarder to a once-in-a-generation talent who constantly stays ahead of the game. The 30-minute biopic airs this Saturday, August 15th at 2PM EST on ABC’s World of X.


Airs: Saturday, August 15 at 2PM ET/12PM PT

Network: ABC – World of X Games

For more program info:

Wörth The Shot

They created an environment that was worth to shoot on. With a great setup and great riders, this video is worth your time.

Starring Kevin Henshaw · Yanneck Konda · Brenton Priestley · Nico von Lerchenfeld
Severin van der Meer · Miles Töller · Alex Aulbach


Shot on location at, Wörth a.d. Isar

Filmed and edited by Steffen Vollert

One day with Collin Harrington

Collin Harrington takes you on a ride through the “Florida Ultimate”. What is that? Simply do as many fun activities as possible in one day. Get out an try it.

Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown Standings


The Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown has already completed its first two stops, first in Miami at MWC, and Second in Sacramento at VIP. As we get ready for the third and final stop at Terminus in September here are the standings so far:


1. James Windsor – 150 Points

2. Chandler Powell – 130 Points

3. Guenther Oka – 115 Points

4. (Tie) Daniel Grant- 100 Points
Dom Hernler- 100 Points

6. (Tie) Justin Lee – 95 Points
Yonel Cohen – 95 Points

8. Aaron Gunn – 90 Points

9. Tom Fooshee – 80 Points

10. (Tie) Brenton Priestly – 78 Points
Jake Pelot – 78 Points

12. (3 way tie) Austin Pratt – 75 Points
Graeme Burress – 75 Points
Kaesen Suyderhoud – 75 Points

15. (3 way tie) Dylan Branch – 70 Points
Ian Smith – 70 Points
Noah Flegel – 70 Points

18. (6 way tie) Chad Worrall- 60 Points
Danny Burnstein – 60 Points
Jamie Neville – 60 Points
John Dreiling – 60 Points
Tanar Pigrenet – 60 Points
Trever Maur – 60 Points


Pro Women

1. Courtney Angus – 190 Points

2. Jamie Lopina – 175 Points

3. Sophie Hogben – 165 Points

4. Taylor McCullough – 160 Points

5. Anna Nikstad – 145 Points

6. Angelika Schriber – 135 Points

7. Meagen Ethell – 70 Points

8. (4 way tie) Alexa Score – 60 Points
Melissa Marquardt – 60 Points
Raimi Merritt – 60 Points
Raquel Hoffman – 60 Points


The chase for the podium isn’t over with the final stop at Terminus Wake Park in Atlanta, GA on September 18th & 19th!