Alliance Battle Royale: Style Off


We’re gonna try something new out here at Alliance, the Battle Royale. We’ll let you show off your stuff for a chance to win a rope and handle package from Straight Line. The concept is simple:

We name the trick. You do the trick your very best, film it, and then submit it. We will pick the top entries and then host them on our site and let the readers pick who wins. Simple as that. Each time we’ll do a wakeskate and wakeboard trick, because we are equal opportunity, and what better way to start things off than with simple tricks that are the ultimate measure of style. If you’re strapped in we want to see a proper, tweaked method, and for the skaters we’re looking for the best poke.

Now obviously, style is a subjective thing, which is why we’ll let the readers have the final say in who wins, but first you’ll have to make it through our staff. We’ll give you a few weeks to get your entries together and then it’s game on! You think you have what it takes? Here are all the details on entering.

1. Do either a method or a poke (depending on your stick of choice) and film it.

2. Put it on your internet machine and edit it so it’s just that trick. We’re not looking for your sponsor-me videos here, we want quick bangers, and that’s it.

3. Post your entry on,, or any other hosting site with an embeddable player. Title it with your name and “Alliance Battle Royale”

4. Send a link to your video (not the actual video) to Include your name, age and address, as well as anything you’d like us to know about you or your entry. Please submit your entry no later than Nov 1, 2009.

5. Sit back and wait. If your entry is selected, we will notify you by email when the voting begins.

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